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This community I found it like others if you depend only on the strength of the teachers themselves .. they are native speakers or bilingual.. but the different thing here that you can take every thing with comfort , fun and free ways .. social life all of us like a family.. we had many good things and different ways to learn..playing .. cooking .. movies.. songs .. debating .. special and general subjects.. I like the way that we took everything with .. only one month left for me but I feel am already miss you guys from now .

Aula Hammad
PHD student

Thanks for all what you did for me.

Khaldoun Arabeyat
Registered Nurse‎‏ at King Hussein Medical Center

I came here to practice and develop my language. In addition, I met my great host Jenna and my lovely friends.

Tariq Awad
Customs Employee

Royal Native’s Community is a great place that allow us to communicate freely with each other. Actually, I would like to spend the whole day here.

Hamzeh Awad
professional medical representative

I love this company, may Allah, continue guiding, and he’s blessing. Ameen

Isa Said
Student at The World Islamic Science & Education University

If you want to take a dosage of humanity , knowledge and love, you should meet our host Mr Othman Abu Hani…with all love

Maher Al-Digimat
English Teacher
Members feedback?
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