Why us?
Do you have English language basics, but you are looking to speak fluently? We will help you

We at the Royal Native’s Community created a new atmosphere for teaching English Language, this atmosphere is based on the simulation of a comprehensive lifestyle of the European society without using the traditional teaching methods; classrooms, papers and pens. In addition to a wide variety of complementary activitiess to strengthen the language acquisition for the members by practicing the accurate English language. We have Started the idea of teaching English for more than 13 years, by developing knowledge and enhancing methodologies to create a pioneer idea for an interactive community in an atmosphere supplied with all required technological equipments to expand the framework of dialogues and discussions to increase members’ ability to practice English.

Royal Native's Community
is the first of its kind in the Middle East in learning speech
and conversation by the European home environment without training and giving classes.
What is Royal Native's Community?
Instead of travelling to the west to develop your English… We brought the west to your hands

Royal Native’s Community is a place for people whom in need for speaking and practicing the English language fluently within a spectacular society with an intimate western sphere. It’s considered as a project specialized in developing the language and communicating skills.Our efforts are based on developing the ability of using the English language and getting familiar with the western culture for the members of this community to make them speak as fluent as their mother tongue.Our project is based on a pioneer idea which is the first of its kind in the Middle East. This idea instituted by a unique stuff that specialized in the field of business, training and languages.

No Arabic

It’s strictly forbidden under any circumstances to use Arabic, spoken or written, even by any one who is in charge.

No Pen

Definitely, it’s not allowed to use paper or pens inside the community, in order to break the traditional pattern that is based on copy and write in English language teaching and acquisition.

Decent Clothing

It’s required to adhere to decent clothing that suits the general taste in style and color inside the community.


Respecting the community’s founders, members and participants by meeting deadlines, which are chosen and scheduled by the member himself.

Delay and absence is taken into consideration, the member will receive an oral warning for the first time, a written warning in the second, and he will be suspended by the third warning.


This community I found it like others if you depend only on the strength of the teachers themselves .. they are native speakers or bilingual.. but the different thing here that you can take every thing with comfort , fun and free ways .. social life all of us like a family.. we had many good things and different ways to learn..playing .. cooking .. movies.. songs .. debating .. special and general subjects.. I like the way that we took everything with .. only one month left for me but I feel am already miss you guys from now .

-Aula Hammad, PHD student
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